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      There are hundreds of people that advertise they can fix or install skylights that are not licensed roofers. A lot of handymen will try their hand at skylights. There are simply too many people fooling around with skylights and just a small percentage are licensed professionals. Please take the time to research and find a skilled, licensed professional. The experienced technician will also know how to install them above and beyond the manufactures written instructions and to hold up in the harsh weather we are subjected to in Michigan

We typically like to work with quality products made by the industry leader – Velux. By using top of the line products with energy star rating, you can mitigate the chance of failure with skylights. Many of the older skylights are outdated, not energy efficient and plain outlasted their time and do not last forever. The quality of products made today should not allow for leaks or problems unless being installed or worked on by the non professionals. Many roofs are replaced by people who will re-use the old skylights on the new roof. Ridiculous as that sounds, it happens often and we get many calls each year to repair or replace skylights after a re-roof. It is one of the biggest reasons behind the skylights we replace.

chesterfield skylight


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