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JNR Roofing specializes in commercial roofing and uses top-of-the-line EPDM roofing systems. These state-of-the-art membranes are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide unparalleled strength and resilience. Our skilled Commercial roofers ensure that the EPDM roofing system is installed with diligence and precision, resulting in a long lifespan with low lifecycle costs. With a focus on quality, performance, and value, our EPDM roofs are a smart investment for any low-angled commercial roof.


What Are the Benefits of a EPDM ROOF?

When it comes to commercial roofing, EPDM is a popular choice for its durability and versatility. Made from synthetic rubber, it can withstand extreme temperatures and is resistant to UV rays, making it a great option for buildings in all climates. Additionally, EPDM is eco-friendly and can be recycled, making it a sustainable choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. With its low maintenance requirements and long lifespan, EPDM roofing systems offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to save money and energy. Plus, with a low risk of leaks, you can rest easy knowing your building is protected.

  • Cost

  • Lightweight design

  • High levels of insulation

  • Low upkeep

  • 100% recyclable

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


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