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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roofing Shingle

Asphalt shingles have come a long way in terms of color options available for homeowners. Technology has paved the way for a vast selection of colors, giving homeowners more choices than ever before. However, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, so roofing and replacement experts at JNR Roofing have weighed in on important factors to consider before choosing the color of your roofing shingles.

roofing shingle colors

1.When it comes to choosing the right color for your roofing shingles, using a color wheel can be a helpful tool. Complementary colors are those that appear opposite each other on the wheel and can create a visually pleasing look when paired together. This is particularly useful if you are not planning on replacing all components of your home exterior, as complementing colors can tie everything together seamlessly.

2. When it comes to choosing roofing shingles, the color of your roof can have both aesthetic and practical impacts. A lighter-colored roof can help reduce your cooling costs in the summer by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption. Think about it like wearing a light-colored shirt on a hot day - it reflects some of the sun's rays and helps keep you cool. On the other hand, a darker colored roof may be more beneficial for those living in areas with extremely cold winters as it can help retain heat. It's worth noting that if you plan to sell your home, a dark-colored roof may appeal more to potential buyers.

3.When it comes to choosing roofing shingles, it’s important to consider the other permanent elements of your home. For example, a home with brick siding should have a roof that complements or matches the brick color, especially since the brick will likely outlast the new roof. While this may limit your color options, there are still plenty of roofing colors that can complement a brick exterior and enhance its overall appearance.

4.Roofing shingles come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. When choosing the right shingle for your home's roof, it's important to consider the existing color palette of your neighborhood. Your home should complement the surrounding houses and not stand out as an eyesore. Fortunately, modern asphalt shingles offer a range of options to create a unique look while still fitting within your neighborhood's aesthetic. For example, pairing a dark roof with neutral siding can create a cohesive and stylish appearance that is all your own.

If you're looking for roofing services near or in the Chesterfield, MI area, JNR Roofing is here to help! Our team can assist you in selecting the perfect color and style of roofing for your home. Call us today at 586-816-9976 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. Trust us to take care of all your roofing needs!

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