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When it comes to protecting your commercial building, JNR Roofing Company has got you covered. Their 100% silicone roof coating is the perfect solution for weathered roofs, providing high adhesion and a seamless, durable membrane that can be applied over almost any existing roof substrate. 

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This coating protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light, and severe weather, ensuring that your roof stays strong and secure for years to come. Trust JNR Roofing Company to renew and protect your commercial roof.


If you're a Commercial property owner in need of roofing repairs or replacement, consider a Silicone Roof Coating. This innovative solution not only stops leaks and saves you up to 40%-50% in cost compared to a full roof replacement, but it also has a beautiful white finish that can help save on energy costs. Plus, with a 20-year Leak Free warranty, you can trust that your commercial property will be protected for the long term. Contact JNR Roofing today to learn more about this cost-effective and efficient commercial roofing solution.

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