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Roof Installation: Costly Mistakes Only Rookie Roofers Make

Chesterfield roofers

Finding a quality roofer is no small task, and it's important to ensure that you're hiring someone with sufficient experience. Hiring someone without proper knowledge of roof installation may result in costly errors such as leaking roofs and void product warranties. Make sure to hire an experienced roofer to avoid these mistakes!

Mixing Shingles From Different Batches

Hiring a reliable roofing company, such as JNR Roofing, ensures your roof will be built with consistency. Reputable roofers use products from one supplier for each job to avoid any mismatched materials between shingles and tiles. Experienced contractors know that mixing products from different batches can not only lead to subtle cosmetic differences but can also affect the overall uniformity of the roof and its curb appeal. Avoid the costly mistakes made by inexperienced roofers and make sure you choose a dependable roofing contractor!

Salvaging Old Flashings

One of the worst mistakes roofing novices make is reusing salvageable (but still old) flashings. These strips of metal might still be structurally sound, but you can’t expect them to last as long as their brand-new counterparts. In the end, they’re likely to age more quickly, affecting uniformity and requiring you to replace them soon anyway.

Forgetting About Roof Ventilation

Any experienced roofer knows the value of adequate attic ventilation. When the underside of your roof is too hot, the extreme temperature would bake your materials and accelerate wear and tear. Plus, a poorly ventilated attic increases the chances of ice damming and condensation, neither of which is good for roof health.

Inappropriately Adding More Material Layers

If you are interested in having more than one layer of asphalt shingles installed on your roof, then it is important to work with a reputable, experienced roofing company. They will be able to ensure that the sheathing is intact and can accurately calculate the weight that your current framing can support. Any mistakes in this area could have serious structural implications, so entrusting your project to a reliable roofers is vital.

It’s best to leave the job to a seasoned roofing pro like JNR Roofing Company in Chesterfield. We understand homeowners want to save the money by avoiding the cost of a roof replacement by installing shingles over existing shingles. In the long run it's just not worth the savings, Garages, Sheds and Patio Porches where the roof decking can be seen from underneath is very possible to predict a successful re-roof, but when it comes to your main living area its best to to tear off to make sure you have the proper ice protection, underlayment and new flashing installed.


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