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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your 3-Tab Shingles to Architectural Shingles

JNR Roofing in Chesterfield has helped homeowners like you understand the roofing industry's past, present, and future.

Because of this, I’ll break down why it’s time to leave 3-tab shingles in the rearview mirror.

Let’s get to the 5 reasons you should upgrade your 3-tab shingles to architectural shingles.

1. 3-tab shingles are starting to be phased out of the roofing industry

The roofing industry is moving away from 3-tab shingles, which have been a staple for many years. As a result, they are becoming increasingly difficult to find and suppliers may not carry them anymore. This can make it challenging to find a color match for roof repair or replacement. The reason for this shift is due to advancements in shingle technology. Architectural asphalt shingles are now the most commonly used roofing material in the US, offering higher quality and durability. While 3-tab shingles won't disappear overnight, it's important to keep in mind that finding the right color and availability may become more challenging over time.

2. Architectural shingles have a higher curb appeal than 3-tab shingles

Curb appeal is the visual attractiveness of your home from the street. A new roof is proven to raise your home’s curb appeal, no matter what type of roofing material is installed.

3 tab shingled roof

(Curb appeal for 3-tab shingles)

3-tab shingles lay flat on a roof and don’t come in a huge variety of looks or colors. On the other hand, architectural shingles have a random pattern that gives your roof dimension, and some styles simulate the look of a wood shake roof.

(Curb appeal for architectural shingles)

Architectural shingles also offer more color options and patterns to make your roof stand out. Honestly, curb appeal is entirely subjective.

So, it’s possible to like the look of 3-tab shingles better than architectural shingles. But architectural shingles have been found to be more visually appealing to homeowners in most cases.

3. Architectural shingles last longer than 3-tab shingles

If you're considering upgrading your roof, architectural shingles may be a better choice than 3-tab shingles. One of the main reasons is their longer lifespan. While 3-tab shingles typically last around 20 years, architectural shingles can last up to 40 years. Of course, there are many factors that can impact the lifespan of your roof, but proper installation and ventilation can help ensure you get as close as possible to the manufacturer-specified lifespan. So if you want a roof that will last longer and require less maintenance, architectural shingles may be the way to go.

4. Architectural shingles have better warranty opportunities compared to 3-tab shingles

When it comes to roofing shingles, upgrading from 3-tab to architectural shingles can provide better warranty opportunities. While both types come with a manufacturer's warranty, architectural shingles offer 25 to 40-year prorated warranty compared to the 15-year warranty of 3-tab shingles. It's important to note that improper installation and inadequate ventilation can void an enhanced warranty, so hiring a reputable roofing contractor is crucial regardless of the shingle type you choose.

5. 3-tab shingles are more susceptible to wind damage than architectural shingles

Our last reason is one most homeowners don’t think of during the decision-making process. This is the fact that 3-tab shingles are more susceptible to wind damage than architectural shingles. Most architectural shingles on the market today come with a wind resistant rating, higher the class of shingle higher the rating which helps avoid unnecessary roof repair due to high winds.


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